About page

Sometimes it takes a scenic route to learn what you are meant to be doing.

My first passion was Architectural Design, which morphed into Healthcare Design during my bachelor’s at Texas A&M.

Healthcare design led me to a career as an officer in the Air Force. I was part of the team that was responsible for the planning, design, and construction for all healthcare facilities in the Air Force. This job led me around the world and to pursue a master’s degree in human factors.

My original intent was to utilize human factors towards the design of healthcare facilities but learning about how user experience could be applied to software, my path shifted again, this time towards the design and programming of applications. Which really is the same as architecture, but with a different medium.

With the complexity that software development offers, I am destined to have an endless supply of challenges and problems to work through. It also offers the diversity of being able to work within many different fields.

Through the years I have learned that what excites me the most is optimization. Luckily this is something that proves useful no matter what field you are in. Within software, there are many ways this can be applied from the front to the backend.

I am eager to see what adventures software will lead me on.